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Claim Your Place On Twitter!

Claim Your Place on Twitter

It’s no secret that social media is extremely effective for brand identity and establishing an online presence.  Because people are no longer turning to the Yellow Pages, but to Twitter, Google, and more, businesses are embracing social media as a means of acquiring follows & likes – fans, subscribers; call it whatever you want, but the goal is the same: let people know that you are a legitimate business that is online and cares about the people who are searching for you online.

I say this time and time again when speaking, in strategy sessions, and whenever I can – not every social media platform is going to be the right fit for your business. That being said, today we are going to talk Twitter. Some businesses do great with Twitter. Others may need Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Whenever in doubt, I love to encourage people to contact me directly and let’s set up that free consultation and figure out what is the next best step for your business growing online!

Here is how you can begin to claim your place on Twitter:

1. Ask for an opinion or input.People appreciate it when asked for their opinion and input, especially if the request is a topic that they discuss regularly. For example: “Which one would you choose – A or B?” “Where could I learn more about…?”, “What do you think about…..?” or “Where did you find that……?”

2. Share a link to some helpful information.If you or your company possess content that might help another person, then by all means you should share it. You always want to link back to your site someway, somehow

3. Follow a person.Following someone is the easiest way to gain more followers. Find those who follow others whom you deem “reputable” and have lots of followers themselves.

4. Re-tweet (RT) someone.This is the least risky way to connect with someone on Twitter. At the very least, re-tweeting establishes a common interest. Most of the time the person will notice your interest, and often times thank you and also re-tweet some of your tweets as well.

5. Forward a post to someone.If you know someone on Twitter who might benefit from the information, then by all means forward their message on to that person with a quick “hope this helps”.

6. Mention other Tweeters (using@name). A lot of people don’t understand how to use @name addresses correctly on Twitter. Starting your tweet with the person @name tells Twitter that only the @name and your followers should see your tweet. (i.e. @ExceptionalSEO it was great to see you today)

However, if you address the person using @name placed anywhere else in your tweet, then ALL of that person’s followers will see your targeted message, too – not just yours. For example, I do #MustFollow Fridays : (Today’s #MustFollow Friday ppl @name @name @name, etc.) This get’s their handles out to everyone on Twitter – not just your followers.

7. Use hashtags ( # ) – see what’s “Trending” in the bottom left sidebar of your Twitter feed. Or Find a hashtag that goes with what you’re tweeting about. For example: (#SocialMedia alert for #Facebook …. all of you who are posting “In response to the new Facebook guidelines…”,… http://fb.me/245bRURij)

Great Twitter Resource: http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/

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