Social Media

Facebook Marketing

$475 set up fee (1x)
$250 & UP/month
Full Setup:

  • Business or Personal Profile set up (if needed)
  • Fan Page set up. Custom tabs available (additional $75/each)

includes your custom headers & images placed/inserted (client provides graphics & images). 

  • Group Created for your business or niche area

Ongoing Monthly maintenance:

  • Ongoing updates, posts, notes, links, monitoring of group and fan page (coded updates/additions will be in addition to monthly)

Twitter Marketing

$450 set up fee (includes custom background)
$250 & UP/month
Full SetUp:

  • Geotargeting
  • Custom Twitter Background
  • Cross linked to all other social accounts

Ongoing Monthly maintenance:

  • Build followers base
  • Min. of 5 status updates per business day with links
  • Follow  Campaigns & Mention Campaigns
  • RT’s and monitoring of comments and messages


$500 set up fee
$350 & UP/month
Creation of account and set up (includes integration of all your photos, videos, resume, and other formats of materials and updates). Will create, maintain, and join groups per your chosen niche [if applicable]
Full SetUp:

  • Geotargeting - initial setup
  • Cross linked to all other social accounts
  • Installation of Apps & Plugins
  • Profile completed to 100% / Expert rating
  • Full import of list of contacts

Ongoing Monthly maintenance:

  • Status updates
  • Moderation and management of group(s)
  • Monitoring of comments and messages
  • Marketing within outer LinkedIn groups
  • Uploading of materials, videos, audios for promotion
  • and MORE

Blog Marketing

$850.00 set up fee (1 time)
$350.00 & UP /month
Includes semi-custom design/layout. (total custom design available upon request & subject to different pricing than noted above)

Full Setup


  • All installation and set up of Wordpress platform inside Host account
  • Installation and activation of theme
  • Installation of all required plugins
    Installation/Integration of all current Social Media accounts linked to and from website 
  • Placement of all content (includes 1 video if needed, pictures, copy, sidebar content)
  • Slideshow option on websites = $95 additional to set up fee.

Placement of keywords and 1 time submission to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

**Please Note: If needing full SEO analysis to acquire and compare keywords, full SEO Analysis = $675.00 additional fee

Ongoing Monthly Maintenance:
Basic Monthly:

  • updates kept current
  • 1 blog posting per month [copy provided] (or up to 2hrs per month of general website edits)
  • SEO maintenance(refreshing of keywords and placements) 30 minutes per month

Intermediate Monthly:

  • updates kept current
  • 2 blog postings per month  [copy provided] (or up to 3hrs per month of general website edits)
  • SEO maintenance(refreshing of keywords and placements) 1hr per month

Full Service Monthly :

  • updates kept current
  • 4 blog postings per month  [copy provided]  (or up to 4hrs per month of general website edits)
  • SEO maintenance(refreshing of keywords and placements) 2hr per month

**If you are currently blogging 2-3 times per week currently(8-12 per month), then your monthly fee is as follows: (same services, just factors in additional blogs per week)

Basic = $450.00
Intermediate = $650.00
Full Service = $800.00 

*** Please Note: If copy is not provided for blogs, additional fees will be added based on each client's needs***


Full Service 360 Marketing Package

How Much: *starting* at $1500/mo.
(*these fees are negotiable, as this package is designed for customization)

This is for five days per week, Monday through Friday. In addition to services listed below, this also includes phone and/or email time to answer questions and go through weekly and/or monthly tasks for your account.

Installation/Set-Up (1x fee): $1875 (keywords provided)
$2350 ( full SEO analysis)
What You Get:
Blog Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Facebook [OR] LinkedIN Marketing
HubPage [OR] Lens Marketing
Article AND Video Marketing
Backlinking Services

*For a complete list of detailed services within each area, please contact me today to schedule your free consultation!


Website SEO Analysis for keywords : $975.00
Will provide a list of analyzed and approved words for website Installation and placement of approved and researched keywords throughout entire website.

Monthly maintenance of keywords and SEO analysis and placement: $450.00 & up/mo

Social Media

Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Blog Marketing
Full Service 360 Marketing Package


Wordpress is one of the most commonly used open-sourced blog/website software that gives you complete control over your design and display of content. Wordpress is highly customized for SEO and has accessible code and advanced control over your entire functionality.


Hourly rates are $250/per hour. Special packages & rates can be designed per each business’ unique needs.Don't let a budget hinder your online growth! You can get information and "DIY" for online marketing and business promotion, while still being successful.