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How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

Probably one of the most popular questions I get asked is, “how often should I post on social media?”

Well, the answer isn’t quite so cookie cutter, but here’s the deal:

Every business is different and each brand has a different audience to cater for, so this truly does differ from business to business.  Here are some general “rule of thumbs” to follow when asking yourself, “how often should I post on social media?”:

Twitter:  Typically the sweet spot is approximately 6-7 tweets per day on weekdays, 3-4 on weekends. Also remember to keep 80% of your tweets something other than a “sale”- use quotes, inspirational pictures, videos, etc; retweet others, engage in conversation. So if you’re tweeting 7 times per day, only do 2 tweets where you’re trying to sell your product or service. However, even on your other tweets whether you’re posting an image with a quote or sharing a funny, place a link back to your website or blog – just don’t sell anything.

Facebook: About 5-6 Facebook Page posts per week (ideally, skipping a weekday or two, but not weekends.How Often Should I Post On Social Media Facebook users are more active during evenings and weekends!) Follow the same rule as twitter as far as what type of content you are posting.

LinkedIn: Try to keep it within 20 posts per month to reach 60% of your audience. This is around once a weekday day. Don’t focus on the weekends.

Instagram: Around 1-2 per day. According to HubSpot, Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on Instagram. And the best times to post on Instagram are 2 AM, 8-9 AM, and 5 PM. Posting a video at 9 PM, however, gets 34% more interactions. You should avoid posting between 3-4 PM. It is best to post on Instagram more during off-work hours than during the work day, as well. (via Social Report)

Google Business Listing : Is your business registered with Google Business? If not, you need to get registered and verified. Once you have this, you are entered into Google’s map system and also have the ability to create posts, events, and list products. And let’s face it – Google is in love with itself, so you really should be posting here – even if you don’t have any interaction surrounding your posts. Because you are still getting views. And remember, subscribers don’t matter here – just the number of views you are getting. Engagement actually goes up with posting frequency. And these posts do ‘expire’ and disappear, so multiple times a day can only help you.

Your social media efforts can really take you places if you know when to put your foot on the gas pedal!

I recommend posting on all other social networks periodically, but tend not to have a daily schedule for each. Like I say, it varies for everyone and we all need to experiment! Remember, not every business needs to be on every social platform, so only use the ones that work well for your niche!

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